Northland Mr. Walleye Float’N Crawler Hauler Purple Perch #4

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The Northland Mr. Walleye Float’n Crawler Hauler is Cadillac of walleye harness. Bigger, stronger and more vibrant than ever, these rigs feature a hand tied snell knot with premium Salmon-Egg hooks to provide unmatched strength and performance. Rigged with a 17# 60″ Bionic leader harness and buoyant cylinder float body float, the Mr. Walleye Float’N Crawler Hauler is a system big walleye just cannot resist.

  • Specially designed to float over rocks, moss, grass and zebra mussels.
  • 60″ snell
  • #6 Indian Blades
  • #1 and #2 hooks
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